Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

In addition to our Building Management services, PointFS can provide various maintenance and installation services for your facility. We have a widely skilled team who can identify and repair most day to day issues that arise within any facility. We can offer both scheduled maintenance plans, or one off repairs.

Some of the services we can provide are listed below.

General Maintenance and Installations

  • Garbage chute servicing and repairs
  • Bollard, Signage, and Safety Mirror installations
  • Plastering and Painting
  • Tiling and Paving repairs
  • Handrail design and installation
  • Access/Egress Door Servicing (strikes, closers, locks, and hinges etc.)
  • Privacy and Pool fence supply and installations
  • Storage cage manufacture and install
  • Consulting and procurement services e.g. engaging trades to complete licensed works
  • Outdoor Furniture repairs and maintenance (staining etc)

Asset Registers

Without a good understanding of the various assets within each facility, it is almost impossible to maintain efficient and effective operations or identify areas to improve performance and reduce costs.

PointFS can tailor a specialised asset register which lists all fixed assets owned by a facility, these may include

  • Fire and emergency systems
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Security systems
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Lift systems
  • Carparks
  • Pool and gym facilities

We can also offer our facilities greater reporting options and data analysis to assist the Executive Committee to track their assets and budget.

Cleaning Services

PointFS can provide cleaning services to ensure your facility is clean and residents are proud of where they live. Depending on the facility, the cleaning services we can provide include

  • General cleaning of all common areas
  • Cleaning and deodorising of rubbish skips
  • Anti-moss spraying
  • Cleaning and disinfect of Refuse Silt Traps (floor wastes)
  • Cleaning of Recycle bins
  • Cleaning of Waste skips and bins
  • Pressure washing of hard surfaces
  • Carpark cleaning

Other Maintenance Services

To further ensure the longevity of your facility and its assets, PointFS can also provide the following services

  • Door Servicing (strikes, closers, locks, and hinges etc.)
  • Carpark safety advice and installations e.g. Signage, visibility mirrors, Workplace Health and Safety
  • Exclusion zone creation, such as bollard installations
  • Garbage chute servicing and repairs
  • Privacy and Pool fence supply and installations
  • Storage facility construction e.g. bike cages
  • Handrail design and installation (ensuring compliance with all BCA standards)
  • General maintenance and repair work e.g. painting, plastering, tiling etc.
  • Consulting and Procurement services e.g. engaging trades to complete licensed works