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Point Facilities Solutions

Point Facilities Solutions provides strata buildings and communities with bespoke management and maintenance solutions that are designed to suit the needs of each individual facility we manage and maintain.

We look beyond the simple outside appearance of each facility, and concentrate on the inner workings of a building, and its associated needs. Too often we see buildings that are glossy on the outside but rusting on the inside where most Owners Corporations don’t see. We believe a facility is only as strong as its weakest link, and our goal is to ensure longevity of the facility and its assets.

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Our Values

At PointFS we pride ourselves on demonstrating the competencies and professionalism required to run your facility and ensure every asset is tracked, maintained and in 100% operational order.

We understand the need to balance a well-planned budget along with the potentially complex maintenance program your facility may require, a program that will vary greatly depending on the size, age and design of your facility.

We are focused on ensuring efficiency in operations of the physical aspects of each building and its common areas, as well as ensuring the safety and sustainability of associated facilities for the enjoyment and benefits of residents and their visitors.

Our Team

Picture of Matt
Managing Director

Matt Benedetti

With both an educated and applied engineering, and sheet metal fabrication career history, in conjunction with his project and staff management experience in a national role, Matt is well-placed to assess, quantify, qualify, source rectifications or personally complete most practical needs and/or wants of strata facilities, large or small. Noting that no job is too small if it’s important to clients of PointFS.

Additionally, should any needs be out of Matt’s scope, he certainly knows the right Contractors to call to get the job done efficiently and in a cost-effective manner, working within the budgetary constraints of Owners Corporations, all the while working closely with nominated Strata Managers for the facility. Technically minded, Matt’s reporting capabilities and tracking of competing building works and Contractor status is infallible; having undertaken major project works at both state and national levels, he certainly has the experience required.

Picture of Pete
Facilities Manager

Pete Darcy

As a trusted Facilities Manager, Pete has developed a Client referral network that is certainly something to be very proud of. With a hands-on trades and construction background, complimented by his administration and communications training, not only can he get the right job done the first time, he will report on it efficiently and within the required timeline/s as defined by the nominated Strata Manager and/or Executive Committee and Owners Corporation.

Pete has project managed several large-scale capital works programs since being a part of PointFS, and all have been delivered successfully and with great feedback from Owners Corporations. Not only this, but Pete has also managed many renovations and maintenance programs in his own business, as well as operating (in conjunction) with Executives and Managing Directors in previous positions. This skill-development has ensured he always remains fully briefed on the full suite of expectation/s that come with servicing a vast array of Stakeholders, competing priorities and significant projects.

Garry Johnston
Facilities Manager

Gary Johnston

Gary is an experienced building manager who has also worked in the landscaping and irrigation field for 10 years. He has experience running a local handyman business, making no maintenance job too big or small.

Gary has managed multiple facilities around Canberra which allows him to identify potential problems before the become an issue. Gary is energetic, determined and takes pride in his work. Gary shares our values and will go the extra mile for our clients.

Like all our employees, Gary is an excellent communicator and is able to talk to all trades and understands how to prioritise jobs at the facilities he manages. With his impressive resume, we can’t wait to see what innovative ideas he will bring to help improve services for our stakeholders.

Photo of Matt Lam
Building Manager & Quality Control Officer

Matt Lam

Matt is new to the PointFS team but carries a wealth of experience and is well known in the Building Management game in Canberra after spending 3 years working for one of the largest companies in the region before making the decision to join the PointFS team. He has excellent communication skills and gets along with everyone he meets, making him a valuable asset to our team and our stakeholders.

Being our youngest member, Matt is able to bring a different aspect to the services we provide, although only being with PointFS for a short period, he is already looking outside the box and coming up with new innovative ways to improve our services and performance.

While Matt will manage buildings as part of his daily routine, his primary role will be that of Quality Control Officer across all the PointFS managed sites. His attention to detail makes him well suited to this role and he will regularly inspect all sites to ensure our standard of service is always kept high, and any areas of improvement are identified early and worked into our key deliverables.

Photo of Sean
Building Manager

Sean Duke

Our latest recruit at PointFS, Sean, is an experienced Building Manager who has been working in the Building Management industry within Canberra for the past 3 years. Prior to this he spent 10 years working as the maintenance manager for one of the largest Sports Club chains in Canberra, where he was responsible for all maintenance, stock ordering, and managing several employees.

Sean has spread his talents across several industries throughout his working career, making him a perfect addition to the PointFS team. His well-rounded skillset will help him to fit right into our company and be able to assist all Owners Corporation’s in their daily site-specific needs.

Sean is an excellent communicator, as are all the members of the PointFS team, and he understands that our stakeholders are the single most valuable asset to PointFS and is motivated by the unrelenting pursuit of customer-driven focus, ideals and user experience.